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Test Your Java Skill
Test Your Java Skills – Beginner Level
Test Your Java Skills – Intermediate Level
Test Your Java Skills – Advanced Level
Java Language
Articles Quizzes Belongs To The Article
Java Primitive Data Types Quizzes: Java Primitive Data Types
Java Operators Quizzes: Java Operators
Java Packages and Access Modifiers Quizzes: Java Packages and Access Modifiers
Java Conditional Statements Quizzes: Beginner  Intermediate  Advanced
Java Iteration (Loop) Statements Quizzes: Beginner  Intermediate  Advanced
Java Arrays Quizzes: Beginner  Intermediate  Advanced
Java Classes And Objects Quizzes: Beginner  Intermediate  Advanced
Java Methods Quizzes: Java Methods
Java Strings Quizzes: Java Strings
Java Constructors Quizzes: Beginner  Intermediate  Advanced
Java Static Methods And Variables Quizzes: Beginner  Intermediate  Advanced
Java Exception Handling Using Easy Exercises Quizzes: Java Exception Handling
Java Object Oriented & UML
Articles Quizzes Belongs To The Article
Java Inheritance Easy Explained With Practical Examples Quizzes: Beginner  Intermediate  Advanced
Java Abstract Classes Using Practical Exercises Quizzes: Beginner  Intermediate  Advanced
Java Final Classes And Methods Quizzes: Beginner  Intermediate
Java Interfaces Quizzes: Beginner  Intermediate
Java Object Casting Quizzes: Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Java Nested And Inner Classes Quizzes: Beginner  Intermediate  Advanced
Java Collections
Articles Quizzes Belongs To The Article
Java ArrayList Quizzes: Java Collections Quizzes (This one belongs to all the collections)
Java HashSet =
Java TreeSet =
Java HashMap =
Java TreeMap =
Java Advanced
Articles Quizzes Belongs To The Article
Java Threads Quizzes: Java Threads
Sar Maroof's New Book "Java Quizmaster For Beginners"
Author: Sar Maroof
Many years of experience with developing web applications mainly with Java.
Sun Certified JSP as well as EJB
CIW Certified Internet Webmaster
Applied Science in Physics HBO Amsterdam
Bachellor Science in Physics at Basra university.

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