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About this book

The main book

This book is organized to learn Java in 17 days, and it guides you to master Java code by solving 105 quizzes and 117 assignments. It has already been published both in English and Dutch.

Any prior background in coding does not require to start with this book. It explains Java in an easy way with simple examples and many exercises. That makes it ideal for beginners.
If you have already experience with Java or other programming languages, this book helps you to enrich your experience by solving many quizzes and executing assignments.

Read below the explanation of how this book is organized to learn standard Java step by step in 17 days..

  1. This book contains 17 chapters, and each chapter covers a Java topic that starts with a simple explanation and examples.
  2. The next step allows you to solve the quizzes regarding each specific chapter. For each quiz, there is a step by step explanation of the answer..
  3. By each quiz, there are one or more assignments. You will be asked to change the code or add your own code to the quiz to achieve a specific goal..
  4. It is your time from chapter 5 to write your own Java code. You will be asked to execute a certain assignment and write code from scratch regarding each chapter.
  5. You can download the source code of this book here. There is also a step by step explanation of how to set up the code in Eclipse.

The work book (The gray book)

The work book contains the answers of the assignments.


Please, leave your questions, feedback and suggestions in the comments below! offers a practical method to learn and improve your Java skills. It avoids unnecessary long boring theoretical explanations, but it uses many exercises and quizzes.

Sar Maroof is graduated from HBO Amsterdam "higher professional education". He is a professional computer programming teacher, gives master classes and publishes technical articles. His experience with developing software started from 2001 and he has worked as a software developer for several big as well as small companies and later as a freelancer. He is the author of Java quizmaster and Build a Java application in 7 days.

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