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Java quizmaster for beginners

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Java Quizmaster for beginners (The main book)

Subtitle: Learn, test and improve your Java skills in 105 quizzes,
117 assignments and many code examples
Author: Sar Maroof
Language: English
Product: Book & pdf format by Amazon
Published: Aug 29 2017
ISBN: 978-1-975-78178-1
Published: Amazon

The answer of the assignments of Java quizmaster for beginners (The work book)

Author: Sar Maroof
Language: English
Product: Book & pdf format by Amazon
Published: Aug 30 2017
ISBN: 978-1-975-78205-4
Published: Amazon


I get requests from members that they need explanations of the quizzes. This website explains Java topics and offers quizzes to test your skill. The topics of the website is very useful for programmers who are weak in a certain Java topic.

The main book

The book is specially organized to follow 17 chapters. When chapter 1 (Data types and variables) is explained, the focus is only on Data types and variables in Java. I assumed that anyone who read chapter 1 is not familiar with the content of the rest of the chapters.
When you start with chapter 2 (Operators), the focus is on the chapter 2, but you can also expect the topic of chapter 1 as well. When you start with chapter 3 (Conditional statements), the focus is on chapter 3, but you can also expect the topics of the previous chapters to appear in the quizzes and the assignments as well … etc.
The book is organized to learn standard Java step by step.

Here below is what you get from the book “Java quizmaster for beginners”.

  1. All the codes of all the quizzes of this book are exclusive and cannot be found else where. You can download the code and learn how to set it up in Eclipse here. 
  2. The main book contains 17 chapters. It depends onhow long you spend to finish it. You can learn each day one chapter. In that case you learn standard Java in 17 days.
  3. Each chapter covers a Java topic that starts with a simple explanation and example codes.
  4. The next step is that you start to solve the quizzes regarding that specific chapter. If you can’t solve the quiz, you can read the step by step explanation of the answer. All the answers of the quizzes are included in the main book with a step by step explanation of the results.
  5. Now it is time to add code by yourself to the quizzes. By each quiz, there are one or more assignments. You will be asked to change the code or add your own code to the quiz to achieve a certain goal.
  6. Now it is time to write code from scratch. From chapter 5 you need to execute a certain assignment and write code regarding the chapter.

The work book

The work book contains the answer of the assignments mentioned above in the fourth and the fifth point.

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  1. You offer all the source code free. Everyone can download the code, why would I need to buy the book?

    1. You are right! The source code is easy to use, you can compile and run the code, but the step by step explanation of the results is in the book as well as the explanation of all the Java topics. If you only need the code, be my guest and download it for free by clicking on the menu Source code.

  2. You mentioned in this website that your book contains 17 chapters, and it is possible to learn it in 17 days. Can I develop a Java application or a web application if I finish your book? I mean Java quizmaster for beginners, the main and the work book.

    1. Thanks Alex for your question. Yes, it is possible to finish the whole book in 17 days. To answer your second question, I would say that the the content of this book (Java quizmaster for beginners) is required regardless of developing web applications or desktop applications. To develop web application you also need to learn J2EE. To develop desktop application, I have written the second book and teach how to develop a desktop application with Java. To understand my second book, you need either to finish this book or you should be familiar with standard Java.

  3. Please, leave your feedback and comment below and you are welcome to express your opinion and wishes. I will do my best to take all your opinions in consideration!

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