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The workbook Java quizmaster is free on Amazon

I receive many requests from students and followers to get my book for free. I have from time to time an opportunity to offer it free for a few days and that is exactly what I did. The workbook Java quizmaster for beginners (The answer of the assignments)  is free of charge from tomorrow August […]

My recommendation for young programmers?

Dear visitors and members of my blog! Many young generations are very motivated to learn programming, but later some of them can’t keep that motivation. The reason is they discover that programming is not easy, but I assure that it is. The method to learn programming is not reading programming code as if you read […]

Sar Maroof’s online activities

Here below are my pages as Java author! Website Author’s page Amazon English: Author’s page Brinkman publisher Dutch: Java quizmaster for beginners Brinkman publisher Dutch: Build a Java application Here below are the websites on which I post Java related exercises, quizzes and puzzles. Website Activities Members Dzone (American website) Advanced Java quizzes several thousands […]

My book is free of charge for 5 days!

Hello guys, I have got many messages from students and people who would like to have my book Java quizmaster for beginners, but unfortunately they can’t afford it. I think that everyone should have access to knowledge. Therefore I found a way to offer it totally free of charge, but that is allowed on Amazon […]

Why quizzes are more popular than assignments?

I post Java quizzes, puzzles and assignments on 6 Java pages and groups on Facebook, DZone, Twitter and this website, see the links below. It caught my attention that the quizzes attract thousands of readers and even more, but the Java puzzles and the assignments are reached by less people. I haven’t a clear explanation […]

Are you ready to build a Java application?

I have posted the last 6 weeks more than 30 Java quizzes, puzzles and assignments regards different Java topics. The exercises were offered in three levels namely, easy, normal and hard. If you understood all the easy and the normal level exercises properly, you can start building a Java application using my new book Build a […]

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