Advanced quizzes – Java final classes and variables

The following Java exercise(s) are designed for advanced level developers. If the level is too hard, then I recommend to select an easier one or you might consider reading my article about this topic, which offers a theoretical explanation including more exercises. Read More: Java Final Classes And Methods


Quiz 1: Final classes and variables in Java

What appears in the standard output when this program is invoked?

public class Super {

	final int x = 2;
	int y = 3;

	Super() {
		y ++ ;
		System.out.print("-x" + method());
	int method(){
		return x + y;
	int method(int i){
		return y + x + i;

class Final extends Super {

	final int x = 5;
	int y = 6;

	Final() {
		y ++ ;
		System.out.print("-x" + method(3));
	final int method(){
		System.out.print("-x" + y + "-x" + (x + 1));
		return y + 3;
	final int method(int x){
		return y + super.x + x;
	public static void main(String[] args){
		Final f = new Final();

Select the correct answer.

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