Beginner quizzes – Java classes and objects

The following Java exercise(s) are designed for beginner level programmers. If the level is too hard, then I recommend reading my article about this topic, which offers a theoretical explanation including more exercises. Read More: Java Classes And Objects.



Quiz 1: Creating worker objects

What happens when the following program is compiled and run?

class Worker {

	String name;
	int age;
	double wage;

	Worker(String name, int age, double wage) { = name;
		this.age = age;
	public static void main(String[] args){
		Worker mc = new Worker("Peter",25,235.0);
		Worker mc2 = new Worker("Alan",64,434.0);
		Worker mc3 = new Worker("Emily",36,320.0);
		System.out.print(mc3.age + ", " + mc2.wage + ", " +;

Select the correct answer.

Quiz 2: Object instantiation

What happens when the following program is compiled and run?

public class MyClass {

    int m = 2;
    int n = 3;
    String s = "b";

    MyClass(int m, int n, String s) {
        this.n = n;
        this.s = s;
    void method(int m, int n, String s) {
        this.m = m;
        this.n = n;
        this.s = s;
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        MyClass mc = new MyClass(4, 6, "h");
        mc.method(7, 9, "w");

Select the correct answer.

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  1. mc2’s wage is definitely not 0.0… isn’t d correct for the first question?

    1. The correct answer is actually b. There is a trick here! The statement this.wage = wage; is missing inside the constructor. That means the value of the parameter is never assigned to the instance variable wage. unlike the values of the variables name and age.

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