Beginner quizzes – Java casting object

The following Java exercise(s) are designed for beginner level programmers. If the level is too hard, then I recommend reading my article about this topic, which offers a theoretical explanation including more exercises. Read More: Java Object Casting


Quiz 1: Upcasting an object

What happens when the following program is compiled and run?

public class Super {

	protected int i = 4;

	public int method(){
		return i * i;

public class Sub extends Super {

	int i = 3;

	public int method(){
		return i * i;
	public static void main(String[] args){
		Super s = new Sub();
		System.out.print("-x" + s.method());
		System.out.print("-x" + s.i);

Select the correct answer.

Quiz 2: Downcasting and upcasting objects in Java

What happens when the following program is compiled and run?

public class MySuper {

	int z = 3;

	int myMethod(){
		return z;

public class MySub extends MySuper {

	int z = 8;

	int myMethod(){
		return z;
	public static void main(String[] args){
		MySuper mySuper = new MySub();
		MySub mySub = (MySub) mySuper;
		System.out.print("-x" + mySuper.myMethod() + "-x" + mySuper.z);
		System.out.print("-x" + mySub.myMethod() + "-x" + mySub.z);

Select the correct answer.

Please, leave your questions, feedback and suggestions in the comments below! offers a practical method to learn and improve your Java skills. It avoids unnecessary long boring theoretical explanations, but it uses many exercises and quizzes.

Sar Maroof is graduated from HBO Amsterdam “higher professional education” when he already had a bachelor of science degree in Physics.
He is a SUN certified JSP as well as EJB. He has experience with Java since 2001 and worked for several big as well as small companies and later as a freelancer.
He is the author of Java quizmaster and Build a Java application in 7 days.

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