Image license agreements

The difference between the Free Image license and the commercial one:

All the images on SarMaroof website are available for free as well as for a low price.

  1. By clicking on each image thumbnail, a larger size of that image is accessable (max 680px height or width). Everyone may use that image for free.
  2. The quality of the free images are saved for web purposes. The quality is good enough for web purposes but it is not that good to be used for other purposes like printing.
  3. At the bottom of each free image there is an info and a link to this website ( In some cases as explained below is not allowed to remove that bottom info.
  4. The commercial license offers the highest available quality of the images at a maximum sizes and resolutions.
  5. The commercial license images are clean and has no bottom info.
  6. The commercial license offers customers the possibility to sell the image.


Free License Images


It Is Allowed:

  1. You may use the images for commercial use and websites (For your own commercial use you may remove the bottom info and edit them).
  2. You may share, copy all the free images (only the original version with the bottom info)
  3. You don’t need to give credits or link to this website but of course, we would appreciate that.

It Is Not Allowed:

  1. You may use the free images in commercial products or websites but it is not allowed to sell the images directly.
  2. By offering the “free images” or sharing them on your website or other platforms, it requires offering only the original images without removing the bottom info.

Commercial License Images

All the small resolution sizes of the images are free and available for everyone.

1- The images are full size and it has the highest resolution as it mentions under each image thumbnail.

2- There is no bottom info under the images.

3- You may sell the image as many copy as you wish.

It Is Allowed:

  1.  Unlimited commercial use.
  2. Unlimited use on websites.
  3. Unlimited selling copies.
  4. You may offer your customers a commercial license to use the image as many times as you wish.

It Is Not Allowed:

  1. To offer customers the possibility to sell the image. Your customers are only allowed to use the image for commercial or other purposes.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

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