Java puzzle 28: Improving encapsulation

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If the following code is compiled and run, it writes [Orange, Apple, Mango, Cherry] to the standard output. By adding cherry to the fruit’s list, it’s clear that the class TestFruit is able to modify the fruit’s list. How can we improve the encapsulation of the class Fruit to prevent other classes from removing and adding elements to it? To achieve the previous goal, replace the statement return fruits; at line 27 with only one other statement.
As a result of that this code writes the original elements, namely [Orange, Apple, Mango] to the standard output.
What is that statement?

Java puzzle 28: Improving encapsulation

Level: Hard

import java.util.ArrayList;

public class TestFruit
  public static void main(String[] args)
    Fruit fruit = new Fruit();
class Fruit
  private ArrayList<String> fruits;
    fruits = new ArrayList<>();
  public ArrayList<String> getFruits()
    /*  replace the following statement
     *  with only one statement
    return fruits;
Author: Sar Maroof

Answer explanation

Adding and removing elements  from outside the class can be prevented by returning a copy of the list as follows.
Replace the statement at line 27: return fruits; with the following statement

return new ArrayList(fruits);
You can also return a clone of the ArrayList as follows.
return (ArrayList<String>) fruits.clone();

In every situation a programmer needs to make the choice that fits his/her needs, there might be also other solutions. I don’t get to the details of the choices, because that depends on the cases. What is presented here could be a simple solution! After all this is a puzzle that shows some idea’s and tricks to learn.

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