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15 Jan 2018 Java puzzle 23: Inheritance, animal example
12 Jan 2018 My recommendation for young programmers?
07 Jan 2018 Java quiz 24: The ArrayList of car brands
05 Jan 2018 Java quiz 23: Upcasting and downcasting objects
29 Dec 2017 Java puzzle 22: The do-while iteration
27 Dec 2017 Java quiz 22: Handling inner classes
20 Dec 2017 Java quiz 21: Working with operators
09 Dec 2017 Java puzzle 21: Using inheritance
08 Dec 2017 Java puzzle 20: Classes and constructors
08 Dec 2017 Java quiz 20: Convert from a class to interfaces
07 Dec 2017 Java assignment 08: Examen results
06 Dec 2017 Java assignment 07: Find the leap years
06 Dec 2017 Java assignment 06: Find the sum of integers
06 Dec 2017 The work book Java quizmaster is free on Amazon!
05 Dec 2017 Java assignment 05: Write the largest integer
30 Nov 2017 The book Java quizmaster is free on Amazon!
29 Nov 2017 Java puzzle 19: Overloading methods
26 Nov 2017 Java quiz 19: Conditional statements
26 Nov 2017 Sar Maroof’s online activities
26 Nov 2017 Java quiz 18: A while loop & conditional statements

Java Quizzes:  Green = Easy,  Blue = Normal,  Red = Hard
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Java Puzzles:  Green = Easy,  Blue = Normal,  Red = Hard
 P01   P02   P03   P04   P05   P06   P07   P08   P09   P10   P11   P12   P13   P14   P15   P16   P17   P18   P19   P20   P21   P22   P23   By title 

Java Assignments:  Green = Easy,  Blue = Normal,  Red = Hard
 A01   A02   A03   A04   A05   A06   A07   A08   By title 

Sar Maroof is graduated from HBO Amsterdam “higher professional education” when he already had a bachelor of science degree in Physics.
He is a SUN certified JSP as well as EJB. He has experience with Java since 2001 and worked for several big as well as small companies and later as a freelancer.
He is the author of Java quizmaster and Build a Java application in 7 days.

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