My recommendation for young programmers?

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Many young generations are very motivated to learn programming, but later some of them can’t keep that motivation. The reason is they discover that programming is not easy, but I assure that it is.

The method to learn programming is not reading programming code as if it is a historical or a romance book, but you need to work with code. Therefore, I emphasize that you compile and run the code of the quizzes, which I offer here totally free of charge.

To download and learn to work with code click here!

You will find out that programming is very interesting and much easier than you ever thought.

Sar Maroof is graduated from HBO Amsterdam “higher professional education” when he already had a bachelor of science degree in Physics.
He is a SUN certified JSP as well as EJB. He has experience with Java since 2001 and worked for several big as well as small companies and later as a freelancer.
He is the author of Java quizmaster and Build a Java application in 7 days.

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