Are you ready to build a Java application?

I have posted the last 6 weeks more than 30 Java quizzes, puzzles and assignments regards different Java topics. The exercises were offered in three levels namely, easy, normal and hard. If you understood all the easy and the normal level exercises properly, you can start building a Java application using my new book Build a Java application in 7 days, which will be published soon.

If you could also understand the hard exercises, you are more than ready to start building Java applications and work with graphical user interfaces. If you found the easy and the normal exercises difficult, you might consider starting with my book Java quizmaster for beginners. This book is organized to teach you standard Java in an easy way. It explains each chapter properly before starting with exercises and assignments.

For people and students who enjoy my exercises, I have a good news, because I will continue posting more Java exercises and hope that you learn and enjoy them!

Sar Maroof is a professional software development teacher, gives master classes and publishes technical articles. He is also an expert software developer and worked for several big as well as small companies and later as a freelancer.

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