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A bout this boek

This book is a guide to teach you how to build an application using Java language. It is a practical method and offers assignments similar to which you would do as a Java programmer. If you understand this book properly you can start your career and work with Java.

Building a program in the reality starts with an agreement between a client and a company that executes the assignment. This book assumes that the client is a bank. Before starting with writing code programmers must know and understand the agreement. There are two types of specifications that explains the assignment. One of them describes the functionalities of the assignment called functional specification. the other one describes the assignment technically and that called technical specification.

Programmers are expected to understand those specifications, but in most cases they don’t need to write them. The task of the programmers is to write the necessary code to implement those specifications. This book explains step by step how to build a bank application. The most important points will be explained in order to give you an idea about which you need to think if you get that kinds of assignments. You are also asked to build new features, because programmers are often asked to build new features based on existing code.

It is important to know that this book is not intended for beginners. Students should study first the book Java quizmaster for beginners to learn standard Java. Many beginner programmers would think that they only learn from a bank application what banks need, but that is far from the truth. In the reality, many functionalities are repeated, and you learn to use them in other programs. From each new projects you also face new challenges. That way you build your skills gradually and your experience grow.

In this application I have chosen three very common functionalities that are regularly needed namely, adding, modifying, and deleting data. In this application we manage data of customers, but technically it does not matter whether the data is of customers, students, employees, projects, cars or articles. Java treats everything as an object, therefore, it does not matter whether the data is of people or of other objects.

As a Java programmer, you must learn to work with the Java API documentation. In this

book is sometimes asked to open the API documentation and search for specific classes and methods in the Java library. It is expected that students learn how to deal with this rich Java-sources. This library makes the world of programmers easier and much faster, because you don’t have to build everything on your own if that is already programmed and ready for you to use.

The Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) we use in this course, is Eclipse, so we start with a short introduction of Eclipse. That also helps you to setup the source code included with this book. Before we start writing code, we need to have a functional specification that explains what the client (bank) expects from your program. We pay no attention to the layout of the application, because that is usually the task of the designer.

Sar Maroof

Sar Maroof is a professional software development teacher, gives master classes and publishes technical articles. He is also an expert software developer and worked for several big as well as small companies and later as a freelancer.

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