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This book is organized to teach Java to beginners, and it guides readers to master writing code by working with more than 100 examples, exercises, and assignments.
Prior experience in coding is not required in order to start this book. It explains Java in an easy to understand way, with simple coding examples and many exercises that make it interesting and helpful to the reader even if they have no prior experience in programming.

It is difficult for any expert software developer to believe that anyone can learn to program by only reading books. All experts build their experiences by doing and practicing programming. That is the exact reason why this book focuses also on working with a complete code that is specially designed for anyone who wants to learn Java.

You can download the source code for this book here, and follow the guide on the same page to set up the code in a Java development environment.
Once you establish the code, you can start to enjoy working with it and writing your own code by executing the exercises and the tasks of the book. By clicking on one button, you can compile and run each code and see the effect that your code has.


Sar Maroof is a professional software development teacher, gives master classes and publishes technical articles. He is also an expert software developer and worked for several big as well as small companies and later as a freelancer.

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