Free copy “Learn Java and Master Writing code” on Amazon

Good news,

Available for free from (May 15 till May 19 – 2020)

For everyone who contacted me the last few months for a free copy of my book

Learn Java And Master Writing Code” you can download the kindle version free of charge on Amazon from May 15 till May 19.

The book is regularly appears on top 10 Java best sellers on Amazon. It sells well, but I think that everyone should have access to knowledge even if you cannot afford it.

Click here to download it!


Update on May 19 2020

There are more than 1500 free copies downloaded on Amazon from different countries namely the United States, India, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Netherlands ….. etc. For people who haven’t yet the chance to download it, you have still hours to get your free copy.

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